General Rules for ALL Ages

Blacktop Summer Basketball – Game Conditions 2016

  • 1. Timeouts

    a. Two 45 second Timeouts per half, NO carryovers
    b. Overtime Period - each team gets one 45 second Timeout, NO carryovers
    c. Only exceptions would be the result of an INJURY or the Referee’s Discretion.

  • 2. Game Time

    Games played in TWO 18 MINUTE HALVES for ages 7–9 and 10–11 Boys & 7-9 and 11-13 Girls. Clock stops on timeouts, Officials’ discretion, injury and the final minute of each half.

  • 3. Overtime periods

    All overtime periods are:
    a. First OT is 2 minutes.
    b. Any thereafter is 1 minute.
    c. There is NO Sudden Death.

  • 4. Zone Defenses

    There is NO ZONE DEFENSES in age group 7-9 and 10-11 Boys & 11-13 Girls
    a. Players MUST play Man to Man.
    b. All players MUST play as close to equal times as possible.
    c. Players can only pick opponents at the Half Court line.
    d. Pressing only the last minute of the game by either team – no pressing by the winning team if winning by 20+ points.

  • 5. Dress Code

    All players must wear their uniforms, shirts tucked in, NO EXCEPTIONS. Coaches ae to remind ALL players that jewelry is NOT to be worn during the game.

  • 6. Team Bonus

    a. Single Bonus on the 7th foul per half, (except TEAM CONTROL FOULS)
    b. Double Bonus on the 10th foul per half

  • 7. Fouls

    a. If a Coach or Player receives a TECHNICAL FOUL or an INTENTIONAL FOUL:
    b. NO Foul shots will be taken.
    c. Opposing team is credited with TWO points AND the ball.
    d. If violation is TECHNICAL, ball awarded at half court.
    e. If INTENTIONAL, ball awarded at the spot of the foul. The award is to the offended team.

  • 8. Technicals

    If either a coach or a player receives TWO TECHNICALS in a game, that player or coach is ejected from that game, and that player or coach is also suspended the following game.

  • 9. Second Offenses

    If a second incident of ejection occurs, the player and/or coach will be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY.

  • 10. Harassment

    Harassment of officials, coaches, and/or players will NOT be tolerated. Violations of this magnitude may result in removal from the league without refund.

  • 11. Language

    Inappropriate or foul language will NOT be tolerated. Officials are asked to bring it to the player(s)/coach(s) attention immediately! Coaches, you are responsible for the behavior of your parents and fans. As Adults, we need to set positive examples.

  • 12. P.I.A.A. Guidelines

    Games are played under P.I.A.A. Guidelines; Teams are reminded to arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled games.

  • 13. Fighting

    FIGHTING will not be tolerated. Players and/or coach(s) who fight will be ejected from the game and instructed and/or escorted to leave the park. The offending party will serve a minimum of one game suspension, this suspension may be extended indefinitely if the circumstances warrant.

Game Conditions For 12/13 & 14/15 Boys
(In addition to the above general rules) All game conditions apply with the following exceptions:
  • Games played in TWO – 20 minute halves. Clock stops on Timeouts, officials’ discretion, injury and the final minute of each half.
  • Press is permitted, as long as the point differential is NOT GREATER THAN 20 POINTS.
  • ZONE DEFENSES are permitted.
*PLEASE NOTE: It is the sole discretion of the Blacktop Board and its affiliates to reserve their rights to ultimately make the final decision on all disciplinary actions of the Blacktop league.