Frequently Asked Questions


What ages of children participate in Blacktop Basketball?
Boys 7-15 and Girls ages 10-13 participate in the league.

Where are the games played?
The league games are played at the 5 basketball courts located in City Park at the intersection of 11th and Penn Streets in Reading, PA

When are league games played?
Games are played Mondays through Thursdays starting from June 15th.
Game times are 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm.
Games are expected to start in a timely fashion.

How many players on each team?
The maximum number of players on a team is 12 and minimum is 10.

Are referees provided for the games?
Yes, most officials are certified PIAA referees

How much does blacktop cost?
The registration fee for individuals is $40, team entrants cost $50 per participant. This disparity in pricing is designed to encourage individual participants which will be placed on a team.

At what age group will my child play?
The child will play in the age group that corresponds to his or her age on July 1st of the year of the league.

Where are sign ups?
Sign-ups take place at Reading High’s Geigle Complex in the lobby of the gymnasium. Sign-ups are May 14th & May 21st from 10 AM to 1 PM.

What is the minimum age for a coach?
The minimum age of a coach is 18.

Can a player play on more than one team?

Can players play up in an age group?
Yes, however, players may not play down.

Can I sponsor a team for Blacktop?
Yes, sponsorship opportunities are available on the web site

Can I get a new uniform if I lose mine?
NO, the uniform is your responsibility. If it is lost the league may not have a replacement.

Can a girl play on a boys team?

What is the rain-out policy?
Blacktop games are played outside on the courts at City Park.
Your coaches and our web site are the means of rainout notifications.

How can I volunteer to Help with Blacktop?
Please contact the executive director or any board member.

Where do I get a registration form?
Registration forms can be obtained HERE on the BlacktopBasketball web site.

Can I play in a league game it I forget my uniform?
No, both top and bottom of the uniform must be worn for all games. Failure to wear both your top and bottom exclude you from playing that day.

What do I get for my registration fee?
Uniform top and bottom
guarantee of 8 games to be played. More games may be scheduled and playoffs provide potentially more games.

What are the age groups?
Boys 7-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15
Girls 10-13

What days do the age groups play?
Monday and Wednesday: Boys 7-9 & 10-11, Girls 10-13
Tuesday and Thursday: Boys 12-13 & 14-15

When does my child receive their uniform?
Uniforms are distributed to coachs. Coaches notify players.

Who do I notify regarding my child’s schedule?
Once season starts, coaches are responsible for notifying parents/players of schedules/cancellations. You may also visit the website for updates